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Infinite Loops

Jun 9, 2022

Trung T. Phan is a creator in the tech, business, and media space. His Twitter threads are full of knowledge and humor, and he also co-hosts the “Not Investment Advice” podcast. Follow Trung on Twitter at and subscribe to his newsletter at

Show Notes:

  • Trung’s Vietnamese origins
  • Humor in your talent stack
  • Asymmetric returns of creating content online
  • The power of memes
  • Getting a CFA
  • Going back to writing movie scripts
  • Succeeding in the creator economy
  • How to acquire people’s attention
  • Creating content on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • The importance of traveling
  • Donald Trump’s popularity in SE Asia
  • History is not black or white
  • Steve Jobs with the Picasso
  • How a Microsoft guy catalyzed the iPad
  • Musk’s space meeting with Bezos
  • Not letting complacency set in
  • Putting historical dates into perspective
  • Structuring speech to persuade
  • Jim not dissing Plato
  • Making Ted Lasso likable in 157 seconds
  • And MORE!

Books Mentioned:

  • The Status Game; by Will Storr
  • The Beginning of Infinity; by David Deutsch
  • Virus of the Mind; by Richard Brodie
  • The Republic; Plato