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Infinite Loops

Dec 30, 2021

Thomas J Bevan is an author and essayist. He pens The Commonplace newsletter which includes workshops on writing, movie reviews, and essays on life. We talk about:

  • Starting a commonplace
  • Striking a balance between the physical and digital
  • Not defining growth with metrics
  • The Soaring 20s Social Club
  • And MUCH more!

Dec 27, 2021

Nicholas Gruen is a widely published policy economist, entrepreneur and commentator. He has advised Cabinet Ministers, sat on Australia’s Productivity Commission and founded Lateral Economics and Peach Financial. We discuss:

  • Fast foodification of Democracy
  • Isegoria, or equality of speech
  • Pros and Cons of a...

Dec 23, 2021

Lisa is a Neuroscientist, psychologist, and author of the books "Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain" and "How Emotions are Made". We talk about:

  • How expressing your emotions can help you control them
  • Why democracy might not be great for brain's body budgeting
  • Brain myths that deserve to die
  • The replication crisis...

Dec 16, 2021

Diane Macedo is a news anchor at ABC News and author of the newly-released book "The Sleep Fix". Diane helps us understand many sleep disorders and their solutions, and other topics like:

  • Are 'Insomnia' and 'Sleep deprivation' the same?
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Journaling to help you sleep
  • How effective are sleep aids?
  • And...

Dec 13, 2021

Erik Hoel is a neuroscientist and an author. Erik often writes about the intersection of humanities and science, and his debut novel "The Revelations" is a tale of science, murder, and consciousness. Our discussion with Erik includes topics like:

  • Are humans really "conscious"?
  • Different theories of consciousness
  • Neural...