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Infinite Loops

Jul 27, 2023

Dan Runcie is the Founder of Trapital, a company focused on music, media, and entertainment. Trapital’s output includes a podcast, weekly newsletter, and deep-dive essays breaking down trends in the music industry.

Dan joins us for his second appearance on the show to discuss how AI will transform the music industry,...

Jul 20, 2023

Dr. William Zeng is founder and President of the Unitary Fund, a non-profit dedicated to developing the quantum ecosystem to benefit the most people. He previously led initial development of Rigetti Computing’s quantum cloud platform, and is co-inventor of the Quil quantum instruction language. He was named to...

Jul 13, 2023

Jack Raines is an online writer and LinkedIn provocateur, whose newsletter Young Money has already amassed 30,000 readers.

Jack joins the show to discuss the importance of travel, the upsides of authenticity, risk, luck, and much, much more!

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Show Notes:

  • Jack’s origin...

Jul 6, 2023

Richard Craib is the Founder & CEO of Numerai, a new kind of hedge fund where data scientists around the world collaborate to predict equity returns using artificial intelligence.
Richard joins the show to discuss Numerai’s origins, how it embraces the spirit of open source, why it has its own cryptocurrency and MUCH...