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Infinite Loops

Oct 28, 2021

LibertyRPF is an anonymous Twitter account researching and writing his fascinating insights on Substack. Our discussion with LibertyRPF revolves around:

  • The Decline of Gatekeepers
  • Why Liberty started his newsletter
  • Liberty’s investment process
  • The role of social media in society
  • And MUCH more!

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Oct 21, 2021

Max Arbitrage (pseudonym) is a doctor who is great at deconstructing complex health related issues and ideas down to the layman's understanding. We discuss:

  •  mRNA vaccine technology
  • Medical Insurance in the USA
  • Increasing abstraction in the world
  • Importance of non-information and focus
  • And MUCH more!

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Oct 18, 2021

Our recurring guest, Alex Danco, returns to Infinite Loops for his fourth appearance to discuss:

  • Books on social hierarchies
  • Expensive in time vs. money
  • Schooling in Canada vs. the USA
  • The Great Reshuffle
  • Long term impact of COVID
  • And MUCH more!

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Oct 14, 2021

Robert Plomin is a psychologist and geneticist best known for his work in twin studies and behavior genetics. He is also the author of several books on genetics, including "Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are". Our discussion with Robert revolves around:

  •  Evolution of Behavioral Genetics
  • Role of IQ in relationships

Oct 11, 2021

This episode is a recording of a special live conversation we had with Tim Urban of Wait But Why on Twitter Spaces! After a discussion with Jim, we had a QnA session with the audience as well. Our discussion revolves around:

  • The Wait But Why book
  • The Great Filter
  • Left vs. Right ideologies
  • Twitter as an...