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Infinite Loops

Aug 4, 2022

Our recurring guest (who rarely recurs these days), Alex Danco, comes back for his sixth appearance on Infinite Loops!

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Show Notes:

  • Our planned, but unplanned conversations
  • Pink Floyd were philosophers
  • From Heraclitus, to Lao Tzu, to Gita, to Deutsch
  • Where does decision making come from?
  • Projection 101
  • Can you versus can’t you read people’s mind
  • Jim throwing big fancy words like “Phylogenetic inertia”
  • Corn: The apex predator
  • Self-serving nature of memetic theory
  • The Mirror Philosophy
  • What is a “creator”?
  • Communication theory by Gregory Bateson
  • The Founding Murderer
  • Consequences of eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge
  • "The most entertaining outcome is the most likely.”
  • Hot media vs. Cool media
  • The Wire, and dumb Stringer
  • The state of accreditation
  • Balancing mystery with transparency
  • Knowing pop culture as a status symbol
  • And MUCH more!

Books Mentioned:

  • The Science of Storytelling; by Will Storr
  • The Status Game; by Will Storr
  • Happy; by Derren Brown
  • The Selfish Gene; by Richard Dawkins
  • Steps to an Ecology of Mind; by Gregory Bateson
  • War and Peace; by Leo Tolstoy