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Infinite Loops

Dec 28, 2023

Writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and master of mental models, George Mack, returns to discuss the top 0.1% of ideas he’s ever come across, from treating life as a video game to spotting high-agency individuals.

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Show Notes:

  • Treating Life as a Video Game
  • Finding the Important Metrics
  • Embrace Momentum; Embrace Constraints
  • How to Spot High Agency People
  • How to Increase Your Agency
  • The Mack Meditation & Silence as Alpha
  • Why Pessimism vs Optimism is the Wrong Debate
  • The Future of Media
  • What is Ignored by the Media but will be Studied by Historians?
  • The Reddit to Facebook Continuum
  • George’s Most Midwit Opinion
  • Randomness & Feeding the Algorithm
  • How to Retain Curiosity
  • George as Emperor of the World

Books Mentioned:

  • The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (a Little) Craziness and (a Lot Of) Success in America; by John Gartner
  • Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine; by Derren Brown
  • What Works on Wall Street; by Jim O’Shaughnessy
  • The Secret; by Rhonda Byrne
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid; by Douglas Hofstadter
  • The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations that Transform the World; by David Deutsch