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Infinite Loops

Dec 29, 2022

Tom Morgan returns for his third appearance on Infinite Loops with Jim, Infinite Loops’ own Ed William and special guest Brett Andersen, an evolutionary psychology PhD student at the University of New Mexico.

We discuss the implications of the ideas presented in Brett’s fantastic essay ‘Intimations of a New...

Dec 22, 2022

Brom Rector is the founder of Empath Ventures, a VC fund that in invests in early-stage psychedelics startups.

Prior to founding Empath, Brom sent several years as a portfolio manager and quantitative researcher.

Brom joins the show to discuss the current state of the psychedelics industry, the lessons learned...

Dec 15, 2022

Ahead of the release of the next episode of his lecture series on René Girard, Johnathan Bi returns for his second appearance on the show. He and Jim discuss Girard, prestige, innovation, AI, and much more. Enjoy!

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Dec 8, 2022

Rohit is a VC and essayist who writes fascinating, thought-provoking essays on complexity, progress, innovation and technology over at Strange Loop Canon.

He joins the show for a second time to discuss the lessons learned from the FTX meltdown, why there isn’t a philosophy of business, creating an AI picture book,...

Dec 1, 2022

Julia is the co-founder of Rosetta Analytics Inc, “an alternative asset manager that is pioneering the use of advanced artificial intelligence to build and actively manage liquid investment strategies.”

Prior to co-founding Rosetta, Julia served as President of Wilshire Consulting and was a member of Wilshire’s...