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Infinite Loops

Dec 21, 2023

Eric Jorgenson is (deep breath) an author, investor, writer, podcast host, online course creator, and the CEO of Scribe Media (breathe out). He joins the show to discuss the death of the marketing department, the changing nature of business-to-creator economics, the most impactful thing he learned from Balaji, the future of the publishing industry, and MUCH more!

Important Links:
Show Notes:
  • A Guide to Creator Economics
  • The Death of the Marketing Department
  • Creator x Business Partnerships
  • Why Some People Are So Reluctant to Embrace the New Playbook
  • How to Become More Open-Minded
  • The Anthology of Balaji & the Curation-Author Effect
  • How to Cultivate Good Taste & the Rise of Curation
  • What Balaji Taught Eric About Technology
  • How Eric Became CEO of Scribe
  • Why Does Big Publishing Continue to Hold So Much Influence?
  • Helping the World Make Great Books
  • The Future of Books
  • Eric as Emperor of the World
  • MORE!
Books Mentioned:
  • The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness; by Eric Jorgenson
  • The Anthology of Balaji: A Guide to Technology, Truth, and Building the Future; by Eric Jorgenson
  • What Works on Wall Street; by Jim O'Shaughnessy
  • Invest Like the Best; by Jim O'Shaughnessy
  • The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World; by David Deutsch