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Infinite Loops

Dec 8, 2022

Rohit is a VC and essayist who writes fascinating, thought-provoking essays on complexity, progress, innovation and technology over at Strange Loop Canon.

He joins the show for a second time to discuss the lessons learned from the FTX meltdown, why there isn’t a philosophy of business, creating an AI picture book, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes:

  • What can VCs learn from FTX?
  • FTX, hubris and good manners
  • “Don’t let anyone push you into a decision that you don’t want to make”
  • Signing up to the right narratives
  • Why you can’t beat the market
  • Why isn’t there a philosophy of business?
  • Markets, desire and innovation
  • How AI allows us to talk to machines in our language
  • The complexities of the AI sentience debate
  • How AI unlocks new outlets for creativity
  • The need for positive stories
  • The three components of innovation
  • “Curiosity is a shit starter”
  • Finding new ways to create community
  • Openness and experimentation
  • MUCH more!

Books Mentioned:

  • What Works on Wall Street: A Guide to the Best-Performing Investment Strategies of All Time; by Jim O’Shaughnessy
  • The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism; by Howard Bloom
  • Unflattening; by Nick Sousanis
  • Slouching Towards Utopia: An Economic History of the 20th Century; by Brad DeLong
  • American Gods; by Neil Gaiman
  • Lessons: A Novel; by Ian McEwan