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Infinite Loops

Jun 30, 2022

After working at McKinsey and getting an MBA from MIT, Paul Millerd was succeeding well on a path that “made sense”. However, things started changing when he had a health crisis, which ended up with him embarking on a pathless path. Since 2017, he’s been tinkering with multiple side-hustles, writing newsletters, creating podcasts, traveling, and helping others join the pathless path.

Show Notes:

  • Having fun paying bills
  • Jumping off your fitness landscape
  • The first few years of being self-employed
  • Connecting with the subconscious self
  • Internet as an off-ramp
  • How to stir up curiosity
  • Lessons from DJing
  • The social construct of retirement
  • Internet economy requires showing up daily
  • Design for liking your life
  • Tinkering
  • Embracing laziness
  • Luxury of doing what you want
  • The shift from cynicism to optimism
  • Societal progress over the last decades
  • What’s next for Paul?

Books Mentioned:

  • The Pathless Path; by Paul Millerd
  • The Body Keeps The Score; by Bessel van der Kolk