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Infinite Loops

May 5, 2022

Nick Maggiulli is a financial educator, author of the blog “Of Dollars and Data”, and the newly released book “Just Keep Buying: Proven Ways To Save Money And Build Your Wealth.”

In this episode, we talk with Nick about the robust empirical research that has gone behind the insights and ideas presented in his new book!

You can follow Nick on Twitter at and buy his book at

Show Notes:

  • Coming up with title of the book
  • The save-invest continuum
  • Is buying a house a good investment?
  • Debt: Good or bad?
  • On being shaped by our experiences
  • One path the wealth creation?
  • 2020 vs 2021 as an investment year
  • Handling emotions during a bear market
  • Importance of diversification
  • The ideal asset allocation
  • The Great Reshuffle
  • The argument against stock picking
  • Negative yield bonds
  • Lump sum vs. DCA
  • Index investors or momentum investors
  • Life as a growth, and value stock

Books Mentioned:

  • Just Keep Buying; by Nick Magguilli
  • Security Analysis; Benjamin Graham
  • The Intelligent Investor; Benjamin Graham
  • Influence; by Robert Cialdini