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Infinite Loops

Aug 18, 2022

David Perell is prolific writer and online educator, who runs a writing school called “Write of Passage”. David also hosts the “The North Star Podcast” featuring interviews with writers, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Important Links:

Show Notes:

  • Origins of “Write of Passage”
  • Writing leads to thinking
  • David’s ever expanding portfolio
  • Live the life that you teach
  • Applying lessons from Disneyland to a writing course
  • Four Seasons of writing education
  • Ana’s success with David’s course
  • Writing as a career transition
  • Average course cohort age
  • Building a personal monopoly
  • Advice for an aspiring creator
  • Dive into the work of the people you admire
  • Managing fear of creating in public
  • The network age
  • Building a product for high-schoolers
  • Finding your tribe on the internet
  • Going against the trend with long-form essays
  • Checklists and prescriptions
  • The cover band strategy for investing
  • Building an internet native education system
  • Schools stifling creativity
  • The Never-Ending Now

Books Mentioned:

  • Zero to One; by Peter Thiel
  • One Summer: America, 1927; by Bill Bryson
  • The Status Game; by Will Storr
  • Invest Like the Best; by Jim O'Shaughnessy