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Infinite Loops

Jun 23, 2022

Dave Chilton is a Canadian author, investor, and a venture capitalist who has appeared on television in the Canadian version of Dragons’ Den. In 1989, he released his book ”The Wealthy Barber” which went on to sell an astonishing two million copies in Canada.

You can follow Dave on Twitter at and buy his book at

Show Notes:

  • How Dave met Jim
  • Signs of curiosity
  • “The Wealthy Barber” TV show
  • Twitter as a global intelligence network
  • Capital Camp and Rethinking Private Equity
  • Getting good at taking criticism
  • Dave’s approach to writing “The Wealthy Barber”
  • The decline in business travel
  • Starting new businesses at 60
  • Helping out authors with book publishing
  • “The Chilton Method” web-series
  • Power laws in podcasting
  • Inviting Jim’s kids to Infinite Loops
  • How to react if your passport gets pickpocketed
  • Living in the moment
  • Building a healthy relationship with your kids
  • The natural love for trivia
  • Collecting art
  • Anecdotal info in the world of big data
  • Still using a Blackberry

Books Mentioned:

  • The Wealthy Barber; by Dave Chilton
  • What Works on Wall Street; by Jim O'Shaughnessy
  • Invest Like the Best; by Jim O'Shaughnessy
  • Psychology of Money; by Morgan Housel
  • The Immortality Key; by Brian Muraresku