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Infinite Loops

Mar 24, 2022

Steven Begleiter is a Managing Director of Flexpoint Ford. Prior to joining Flexpoint Ford in 2008, Steve was a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns & Co. He is also a professional Poker player who claimed the 6th place in World Series of Poker 2009, winning $1.59M

Show Notes:

  • Culture at Bear Stearns
  • The liquidity crisis that ended Bear Stearns
  • Evolution of Financial Services
  • Importance of having a ‘thesis’ for your investments
  • The Rise of Private Equity
  • Where is PE headed to?
  • Investing lessons from a Poker career
  • Role of luck in life and Poker
  • Psychology at the poker table
  • How micro-expressions can give your game away
  • Historical perspective to the Russia-Ukraine crisis
  • Importance of reading military history