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Infinite Loops

Feb 24, 2022


Sam McRoberts is the CEO of VUDU Marketing, an SEO agency and author of the book ‘Screw the Zoo’, a book that helps you “escape from your cage, free your mind, and take over the world.” You can contact Sam on Twitter at and get his book at

Show Notes:

  • Life as a digital nomad
  • Role of video games in children’ education
  • The Great Unwashed
  • Running an SEO consultancy
  • Jed McKenna — A fictional character?
  • Being kind to everyone
  • Importance of curation in social media
  • Bot infestation in Twitter
  • Free will vs. Nature of reality
  • Surrender comes after enlightenment, not before
  • Memory as a latticework
  • Shannon Limit
  • Love as detachment
  • Perseverance and survivorship bias
  • The Original Sin
  • Another dark age?
  • To mute, or to block?
  • Virtual Reality and Robots
  • Psychedelics

Books Recommended:

  • The Beginning of Infinity; by David Deutsch
  • Cloud Atlas; by David Mitchell
  • Screw the Zoo; by Sam McRoberts