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Infinite Loops

Jan 1, 2023

We’ve landed.

After 3 months of stealth mode, sneak-peeks, and surprise announcements, we have finally hit launch day.

In this special episode of Infinite Loops, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Jim chats through the rationale behind founding OSV, the positive impact he wants it to have on the world, and the ways you can get involved.

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Show Notes:

  • The origins of OSV
  • Why OSV does not invest third parties’ money
  • The story of Jim’s investment in Stability AI
  • What has surprised Jim the most about the world of AI
  • What OSV will look like on 1 January 2023: the four verticals
  • Assembling the OSV team
  • OSV’s objective function
  • Where the majority of Jim’s energy will be directed
  • How you can get involved with OSV