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Infinite Loops

Apr 14, 2022

Morgan Housel comes back for his second episode and Infinite Loops’ 100th episode! Morgan is a financial writer and author of the bestselling book “Psychology of Money” — having sold more than a million copies worldwide!

You can follow Morgan on Twitter at, and read his blog at

Show Notes:

  • Morgan’s role at Collaborative Fund
  • Marketing that isn’t “forced”
  • Good product is good marketing
  • When perception becomes reality
  • Feedback to Morgan’s book
  • The power of stories
  • Understanding finance vs. Experiencing it
  • Writing is thinking
  • Not a great age for middlemen
  • Promises of crypto
  • Should volatility be considered as risk?
  • Morgan’s next book
  • Disconnect between the ideal and the practical
  • Change in Morgan’s life after his book’s success
  • Happiness is not about money
  • Raising children into great adults
  • Interviews should be conversations, not interrogations
  • On luck and humility

Books Mentioned:

  • Psychology of Money; by Morgan Housel