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Infinite Loops

Aug 24, 2023

Dr. Julie Gurner is a doctor of psychology and executive performance coach to top percentile executives, primarily in finance and technology. She is also the proprietor of the Ultra Successful newsletter, which delivers a weekly challenge pulled from global business leaders and designed to ”help you unleash your power.”

Dr. Gurner joins the show to discuss the merits of being unreasonable, why your business should not be your identity, why niceness is overrated, and more!
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Show Notes:
  • Dr. Gurner’s origin story
  • How forensic psychology experience can help executive coaching
  • Leaning into the 1%
  • Why psychological tests are flawed
  • The common traits of successful founders
  • High performance & bottlenecks
  • Why your business should not be your identity
  • Data vs. emotion
  • How Dr. Gurner applies her strategies in her own life
  • Don’t be nice
  • Be unreasonable
  • Social validation is not important
  • How can you improve someone’s communication skills?
  • How Dr. Gurner would teach executive coaching
  • The “no Plan B” mentality
  • Can high energy be detrimental?
  • How to unpack charisma
  • How to turn down work
  • Dr. Gurner’s greatest satisfaction
  • How has leadership changed in the last 20 years?
  • Dr. Gurner as Empress of the World
  • MORE!
Books Mentioned:
  • The Art of War; by Sun Tzu