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Infinite Loops

Apr 7, 2022

Dr. David Rhoiney is a Robotic Surgeon, but his talent stack also includes being a cryptologist, financial educator, writer, public speaker, web developer, former Division One Basketball player and sprinter, and more! Phew...

However, he did not come from a background of privilege. He started out homeless, and the only bread winner of his struggling family from a very young age. So how did he change his life? One word: Perseverance.

Dr. David is now on the path of helping others change their own lives, and shares one of most inspiring stories we have heard till date. We are grateful to be able to share his life's journey with you. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

You can contact Dr. David on Twitter at and subscribe to his newsletter at

Show notes:

  • David’s childhood
  • Managing to stay away from Foster care
  • Going through a GI bleed
  • An academic turnaround
  • Becoming a submariner
  • Four years of cryptology
  • Getting into medical school
  • Introduction to financial literacy
  • Origins of SurgiFi
  • On always being kind and helpful
  • David’s Talent Stack
  • Advice to the young
  • Motivating people to learn
  • Never going back to poverty
  • Being an autodidact
  • Poverty is NOT chosen
  • Ideas to improve financial literacy in the world