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Infinite Loops

Jul 21, 2022

Dan McMurtrie is the Portfolio Manager at Tyro Partners, an asset management firm for institutions and HNWIs; and the General Partner at Anchorless Bangladesh, an early stage venture fund focused on Bangladeshi startups.


Show Notes:

  • Are we in the schadenfreude part of the market cycle?
  • Going back to the fundamentals
  • Solving the agency problem
  • Taking concentrated beta risk
  • Having clarity around your goals
  • The behavioral risk in investing
  • Do not get married to your investment thesis
  • It’s always you vs. you
  • Investing is about understanding other people's mistakes
  • Societal costs of stablecoins being unstable
  • Compatibility of social media and representative democracy
  • Issues with the current US Govt. administration
  • Number one existential risk for US currently
  • Risks of information overload
  • Improving education about commerce
  • Dopamine manipulators
  • Leadership vs. Stakeholder management
  • America vs China for policy changes
  • US legal immigration system
  • And MUCH more!