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Infinite Loops

Jan 5, 2023

Ben Tossell writes Ben’s Bites, a daily newsletter on AI that’s read by over 15,000 others from Google, a16z, Sequoia, Amazon, Meta and more. He previously founded Makerpad, a no-code education side which was acquired by Zapier in March 2021.

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Show Notes:

  • Ben’s journey into AI
  • The importance of ease of use
  • How AI will impact our lives
  • Ben’s hackathon
  • Balancing originality and usefulness
  • Why Ben is wary of providing strategic advice
  • Achieving ground-up change with AI
  • Interaction between the AI industry and the governments
  • How Ben wants AI to be used
  • Following your curiosity
  • Making the world more competitive
  • MUCH more!